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WE LOVE YOU ALL has been our passion since 2008. Who are we? Rike and Timo, two native Berliners. Since then, Rike (the designer half of our project) has answered love’s call and moved to Vienna. She studied graphic design and works mostly as an illustrator. Timo, her word-coining counterpart, is trained in advertising and offers his services as a copywriter and concept developer.


Rike, who had always dreamed of illustrating children’s books, designed the first WE LOVE YOU ALL poster, WE LOVE ANIMALS, entirely for children. But soon we noticed that adults also enjoyed the guessing game everyone seems to play when they see this collection of animals.

And that’s how one single poster became an entire series. WE LOVE ANIMALS was followed by WE LOVE MOVIES and WE LOVE POP MUSIC. Three years later, WE LOVE BERLIN and WE LOVE VIENNA were born, and WE LOVE NEW YORK is currently in the works.


But an important part of WE LOVE YOU ALL is the friends and fans who want to be part of this cosmos of love by ordering their own custom-designed posters (or bags, flags, wall hangings, cups, calendars, invitations, birthday cards, or even full weddings!) from Rike and Timo. We put all our love into fulfilling every wish!